Ad Hoc Admission

Admission Criteria for Ad-hoc Admission

An overseas lawyer may also be admitted, on an ad-hoc basis, as a barrister for the purpose of any particular case or cases, provided that he has substantial experience in advocacy where the Court considers that he is fit and proper person to be a barrister and is satisfied that he has:

(a) the qualification acquired outside Hong Kong to engage in work that would, if undertaken in Hong Kong, be similar to that undertaken by a barrister in the course of ordinary practice as a barrister in the High Court or Court of Final Appeal; and

(b) substantial experience in advocacy in a court, the Court may admit such person as a barrister for the purpose of any particular case or cases and may impose such restrictions and conditions on him as it may see fit.

For details, please refer to section 27(4) of the Legal Practitioners Ordinance (Cap. 159).

For the purpose of an application under section 27(4) of the Ordinance, the Revised Practice Guidelines for Admission of Overseas Counsel (Bar Circular no. 068 of 2015, 10 July 2015) shall apply and must be duly complied with.