Provisions Governing Pupillage

Effective 28 March 2003, admission and pupillage are governed by the revised provisions of the Legal Practitioners Ordinance, Cap.159, Laws of Hong Kong (“the Ordinance”) and its subsidiary rules.

Admission under s. 27(1) of the Legal Practitioners Ordinance - Overview flow chart of the steps to be taken at various stages of pupillage

Any person qualified under section 4 of the B(QAP)R for admission must have completed not less than 6 months of the period of approved pupillage, or any such period of pupillage if reduced to less than 6 months, before he or she seeks admission as a barrister
section 4(3) of the B(QAP)R

Period of approved pupillage
sections 10(1)-(2) of the B(QAP)R

Reduction of period of approved pupillage
section 16 of the B(QAP)R


Seeking to commence pupillage

- Application for a certificate of eligibility for pupillage not less than 3 weeks before proposed commencement*
Section 11 of the B(QAP)R
[Form 5, Schedule 2, B(QAP)R]

- Application by proposed pupil master for prior approval*
section 13 of the B(QAP)R

- Approval of pupillage and issue of certificate of eligibility for pupillage
section 12 of the B(QAP)R
[Form 6, Schedule 2, B(QAP)R]

* Both the application for the certificate for eligibility for pupillage and the intended pupil master’s application must be submitted in a timely fashion to avoid any unnecessary delay and waste of time. The Bar Council has no discretion to waive the 3-week period or to recognise any period of work in the nature of pupillage undertaken prior to the issue of the certificate of eligibility for pupillage.
section 10(6) of the B(QAP)R

Transfer and continuation of pupillage
section 13(2) of the B(QAP)R

Ineligibility for pupillage
section 14 of the B(QAP)R

Termination or suspension of pupillage
section 15 of the B(QAP)R