Bar List (Arbitrators)

The directory published in this Bar List is for the purpose of facilitating the public and members of the Hong Kong Bar Association in identifying practising barristers and barristers’ chambers in Hong Kong registered with the Hong Kong Bar Association. The personal data contained in this Bar List must not be used for any non-directly related purposes. It is a criminal offence under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance to use the personal data in this directory for direct marketing without the data subjects’ consent.

(Surname in Alphabetical Order)

Name of Barrister
Acton-Bond, Jonathan Edward
Aiken, Nigel, S.C.
Alder, Edward A.G.
Au, Helen H.L. (Ms)
Barlow, Barrie, S.C.
Barrett, Paul N.
Bartlett, Jeremy J., S.C.
Burns, S. Ashley, S.C.
Chain, Benjamin
Chan, Danny K.K.
Chan, Frederick H.F.
Chan, Samuel K.Y.
Chan, Vincent S .C.
Chan, Vod K.S.
Cheng, Huan, S.C.
Cheng, Teresa Y.W., S.C. (Ms)
Cheung, Harrison C.H.
Chow, Edward Lap-San
Chung, Jerry Ming Shing
Chung, Kenneth K.H.
Chung, la Fontaine L.F. (Ms)
Chung, Peter K.T.
Clayton, Peter D., S.C.
Cohen, Julian A.
Coleman, Russell A., S.C.
Duncan, Peter N., S.C.
Eu, Audrey, S.C. (Ms)
Fan, Alan K.F.
Fong, Shiu Man David
Fung, Daniel R., S.C.
Fung, Patrick, S.C.
Grossman, Clive S., S.C.
Haddon-Cave, Francis
Hon, Kevin
Houghton, Anthony K., S.C.
Hughes, Sebastian
Ip, Ho Kin
Kat, Nigel, S.C.
Khaw, Richard, S.C.
Lai, Adrian Y.H.
Lai, Alex Y.H.
Lai, Jacky T.K.
Lam, Kenneth K.Y.
Lam, Priscilia T.Y. (Ms)
Lam, Simon Heung-Wing
Lam, Simon K.C.
Lam, Solomon L.F.
Lau, Julia P.G. (Ms)
Lee, James
Lee, Thomas Woon Mun
Lee, Victor K.C.
Leung, Hing Fung
Leung, Richard W.K.
Li, Vincent M.K.
Liao, Martin C.K.
Lin, Kenny C.P.
Ling, Chun Wai
Liu, Elaine (Ms)
Liu, Michael K.W.
Lo, Benny
Lo, Henry H.Y.
Ma, Stanley Kilian H.F.
Mak, Andrew Y.S.
Manzoni, Charles, S.C.
Pang, Robert Y.H., S.C.
Pinto, Josephine (Ms)
Rooney, Kim Margaret (Ms)
Scott, John A., S.C.
Shum, Erik Sze-Man
Sio, Chan In Devin
So, Tsz Ngai Roger
Soo, Gary K.L.
Suen, Henry C.H.
Tam, Jeffrey C.K.
Thomson, James Smith
Thomson, Mary B.L. (Ms)
To, Ken
Tsin, Henry C.
Westbrook, Simon N., S.C.
Whitehead, Robert, S.C.
Wong, Athena Hiu Hung (Ms)
Wong, Charles T.C.
Wong, James L.W.
Wong, King
Wong, Patrick S.L.
Wong, Priscilla (Ms)
Wong, Samuel C.C.
Wong, Simon S.
Wong, Tim
Wong, William M.F., S.C.
Wou, Jean-Paul
Wright, Colin J.
Wu, Anthony
Yeung, Ming-Tai
Yip, Francis Kim-Ming
Yip, King Sum
Yu, Benjamin, S.C.
Yuen, David K.K.