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2003/04 Chairman's Annual Statement

The following documents are in MS Word format unless stated otherwise:

The Chairman's Annual Report 2003-2004


APPENDIX I - Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

APPENDIX II - Report on Bar Free Legal Service Scheme

APPENDIX III - Special Committee on Bar Publication

APPENDIX IV - Special Committee on Constitutional Affairs and Human Rights

APPENDIX V - Special Committee on Criminal Law and Procedure

APPENDIX VI - Special Committee on Discipline

APPENDIX VII - Report of the Special Committee on the Fund for New Barristers, the Archie Zimmern Memorial Fund, and the Hong Kong Barristers Benevolent Fund

APPENDIX VIII - Special Committee on Information Technology

APPENDIX IX - Special Committee on Legal Aid Review

APPENDIX X - Special Committee on Legal Education

Report on Advanced Legal Education (ALE) Programme

APPENDIX XI - Local Admissions and Overseas Admissions

APPENDIX XII - Special Committee on Mainland Practice and Relations

APPENDIX XIII - Special Committee on Professional Indemnity Insurance

APPENDIX XIV - Special Committee on Pupillage and Limited Practice

APPENDIX XV - Special Committee on Secondary School Education

Special Committees of the Hong Kong Bar Association 2003 (as at 31/12/ 2003)

Bar's Representatives on Various Committees and Panels (as at 31/12/2003)


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