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Admission and Registration Rules

With effect from 28 March 2003, admission and pupillage are governed by the new provisions of the Legal Practitioners Ordinance, Cap.159, Laws of Hong Kong ("the Ordinance") and its subsidiary rules.

Admission under s. 27(1) of the Legal Practitioners Ordinance - Overview flow chart of the steps to be taken at various stages of pupillage


General admission is governed by section 27 of the Ordinance.

Qualifications for general admission prescribed by the Bar Council are set out in the Barristers (Qualification for Admission and Pupillage) Rules ("B(QAP)R").


A person is qualified for admission as a barrister under section 27(1) of the Ordinance if he:
(a) is a holder of a Postgraduate Certificate in Law;
(b) is a solicitor in Hong Kong; or
(c) is an overseas lawyer

section 4(1) of the B(QAP)R

Post-graduate Certificate in Laws

A person may study for the Post-graduate Certificate in Laws (P.C.LL.) in the University of Hong Kong, the City University of Hong Kong or the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

For the new entry requirements for the PCLL and the PCLL Conversion Examination Syllabus please click here or contact:

The Secretary
Hong Kong Conversion Examination Board,
c/o PCLL Conversion Examination and Administration Limited
34/F United Centre
95 Queensway
Hong Kong

Telephone number: 3761 1123
Fax Number: 2861 2404
Email address enquiry@pcea.com.hk

Solicitor in Hong Kong

To be qualified for admission as a barrister, a solicitor in Hong Kong must have been admitted as such for at least 3 years either immediately or in any case not more than 12 months before the date of his application for admission and during that time he was in practice as a solicitor in Hong Kong or was employed by the Government as a legal officer (as defined in the Legal Officers Ordinance, Cap.87).

Overseas lawyer

To be qualified for admission, an overseas lawyer must:
(a) hold a currently valid certificate of admission as legal practitioner in his jurisdiction of admission;
(b) have been in practice for at least 3 years in the jurisdiction of admission;
(c) be a person of good standing in the jurisdiction of admission; and
(d) pass the Barristers Qualification Examination.

section 4(2) of the B(QAP)R

The Examination section 5 of the B(QAP)R
[The Examination shall be held at least once every year beginning 1 January 2004]
Barrister Qualification Examination 2016
Exemption from the Examination sections 4(4)-(5) of the B(QAP)R
Seeking to sit the Examination - certificate of eligibility for admission
  section 6 of the B(QAP)R
[Forms 1&2, Schedule 2, B(QAP)R]
Requirements for passing the Examination section 7 of the B(QAP)R

Certified completion of not less than 6 months of pupillage (or such period if reduced to less than 6 months)
  sections 4(3); 10(4) of the B(QAP)R
Seeking to be admitted as a barrister - certificate of qualification for admission
  section 8 of the B(QAP)R
[Forms 3&4, Schedule 2, B(QAP)R]
Procedure for application for admission as a barrister are set out in the Barristers (Admission) Rules ("B(A)R").
Lawyers employed in Department of Justice who meets the requirements in the repealed section 27A on or before 28 March 2003
Notwithstanding the repeal of section 27A of the Ordinance, the Court may at any time admit a person belonging to this category as a barrister in accordance with section 27A as that section existed before its repeal subject to a maximum of 4 persons so admitted in any period of 12 months. In this case, the Barristers (Qualification) Rules shall apply.
  section 74D of the Ordinance
section 3(b) of the B(QAP)R
section 1A(b) of the B(Q)R
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