Bar List (Surname in Alphabetical Order)

The directory published in this Bar List is for the purpose of facilitating the public and members of the Hong Kong Bar Association in identifying practising barristers and barristers’ chambers in Hong Kong registered with the Hong Kong Bar Association. The personal data contained in this Bar List must not be used for any non-directly related purposes. It is a criminal offence under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance to use the personal data in this directory for direct marketing without the data subjects’ consent.

Search by Surname in Alphabetical Order
Name of Barrister Inner Bar H.K. Bar
Haddon-Cave, Francis 1999
Halkes, Adrian John 2005
Hariman, Wayne Gilbert 2009
Harris, Graham A., S.C. 2011 1985
Harris, Paul, S.C. 2006 1993
Harry, Timothy Hawkins 1992
Hau, Kenneth C.M. 2001
Hau, Stewart W.C. 2010
Haynes, John C. 1989
Hemmings, John 1982
Herbert, Elizabeth Anne (Ms) 2008
Hew, Yang-Wahn 2005
Hingorani, Jeevan 1982
Ho, Alan H.T. 2014
Ho, Ambrose, S.C. 2000 1984
Ho, Anna Y.H. (Ms) 1994
Ho, B.K. 1977
Ho, Chi Man (Ms) 2009
Ho, Doris C.W. (Ms) 2008
Ho, Duncan D.H. 2014
Ho, Helene S.W. (Ms) 2010
Ho, Jane T.C. (Ms) 2005
Ho, Janet W.Y. (Ms) 2009
Ho, Jeff C.L. 1994
Ho, Justin 2013
Ho, Kenneth K.M. 1980
Ho, Leon L.O. 2013
Ho, Martin C.H. 2014
Ho, Matthew L.C. 2005
Ho, Melvin Hoh-chak 2015
Ho, Raymond 2008
Ho, Sabrina S.Y. (Ms) 2009
Ho, Shi King 1996
Ho, Simon 2000
Ho, Simon K.F. 2005
Ho, Sin Yung Sharon (Ms) 2017
Ho, Siu King Stanley 2014
Ho, Tommy K.K. 1996
Ho, Vanessa H.Y. (Ms) 2012
Ho, Victor 1996
Ho, Vivian W.H. (Ms) 2005
Ho, Vivian W.W. (Ms) 2000
Ho, Wycliffe W.C. 2002
Hollander, Charles Simon 2015
Hon, Kevin 1990
Hon, Lydia K.Y. (Ms) 2012
Hoo, Alan, S.C. 1990 1975
Hor, Alvin Chun Tak 2017
Hotten, Keith 2000
Houghton, Anthony K., S.C. 2008 1989
Hu, Derek T.L. 2009
Hu, Henry H.L. 1955
Huen, Clay 2009
Huggins, Adrian, S.C. 1991 1977
Hughes, Sebastian 2010
Hui, Catherine S.L. (Ms) 1999
Hui, Chun-Sing 1996
Hui, Daniel 2010
Hui, Gloriane Y.Y. (Ms) 1997
Hui, John K.C. 2008
Hui, Kam Wor Thomas 1994
Hui, Lawrence Cheuk Lun 2001
Hui, Norman 1996
Hui, Sammy W.C. 1992
Hui, Shuk Yee Cherry (Ms) 1999
Hui, William K.F. 2009
Hui, Wilson K.W. 2006
Hui, Yu, Henry 2015
Hung, Andrew H.K. 2007
Hung, Andy Hing-Shek 1986
Hung, Samson K.M. 1992
Hung, Shirley Cornelia (Ms) 2011
Hung, Stephanie Yujie (Ms) 2016
Hunter, Hugh Rowan 2017